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Netfactors LLC  Advertising, PR & Marketing  since 1998

Types of Media We Create & Market


What We Do

At Netfactors LLC Advertising, Public Relations & Marketing Firm, your success is our success! In the competitive world of business management, marketing and advertising, our innovative concepts and one on one customer service will create a unique and quality presence that suits the individual needs of your business.

We offer specialized marketing solutions available to create your brand, ignite interest in your brand and sell products.


  • Training & Mentoring
  • Consumer & Market Analysis
  • Strategic Planning
  • Developing Marketing Strategies
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Building Company Brand
  • Print Media, Publications & Magazines 
  • Website Management
  • Media Relations
  • Press Release
  • Community Relations
  • Event Management

Igniting Your Story

We research, plan, and execute comprehensive public relations campaigns designed to the needs of each client. We work together with you to develop a strategy that ignites your story, and delivers measurable results within the community and your organization.

We believe that every business has a story, but we do more than "just tell it." We build relationships that address the attitudes and concerns of community, consumer, and media - making stories come to life. 

The Netfactors PR team can research, plan and execute a comprehensive public relations campaign designed to meet the needs of each client. We always work with you to build relationships, create content that ignites your story and deliver measurable results within our community and your organization.

Our professionals build relationships with reporters and media outlets that allow us to personally tailor pitches to fit the interests and focus of publishers and their contributors.
Our professionals are immersed in the communities we serve, drawing on first-hand knowledge and using it to build positive public perception.

Netfactors has been involved and active in the public relation process in California for over 18 years.
We know that it takes years to develop a strong public image, but only minutes to destroy it. Netfactors  can help create a strategic plan so clients maintain positive public perception.

We work as content curators across all available media, ensuring that there is
  meaning behind the messages our clients communicate to the public.







Our event planning strategy focuses on establishing company identity and fostering meaningful relationships through compelling messages and superior service


Our website and publication designer will create a brand name for your business and our marketing department will broadcast your company name to gain exposure to thousands of potential clients.

Our digital and print media, magazines and publications bring exposure of over 2 million readers in the past 7 years along with monthly social media followers of over 25,000.










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